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Bats and birds can get into your house through holes in attics and unsealed ventilation, like unused fireplaces. Sometimes, their presence is just obnoxious rather than a cause for danger, but it can also cause damage to your homes.

Nonetheless, we are here to help. Using baits and repellents, we can remove bats and birds from your home. We will relocate them and any nests they might have made to a safe location. We never harm the bats or birds we find in your home.

Most often, pigeons are the birds that will roost in homes, which can be a nuisance. They are often loud and messy, and if they nest in your home, they’ll keep coming back. When we move the nest, it migrates their home, preventing the mess and preventing them from coming back.

Bats are more uncommon tenants, but their presence in your home can be more than just alarming. Bats can cause damage to a home by chewing on walls, insulation, or wiring. However, the most worrisome bat problem actually comes from their feces, called guano. Guano is a carrier of a fungus called Histoplasma Capsulatum.

The spores are incredibly small and airborne. They can travel and invade other areas of your home.

Despite their smelly feces, bats are not dirty creatures. They meticulously groom and clean themselves. Most importantly, bats rarely carry rabies. Only sick bats bite and do so out of fear. Otherwise, they will leave you alone. However, if you find a bat on the ground, be very cautious! If you can’t get in touch with a wildlife control operator, you can move that bat to a safe place. Wear thick gloves and use a towel, net, or plastic container to capture it. DO NOT try to catch a bat with your bare hands.

If you find bats or birds in your home, we can help. We will locate the point of entry and properly seal it. The colony will be removed using traps or repellents–they won’t be harmed!

We Take Our Commitment to Protect You and Your Family Very Seriously.

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