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Green Pest Control

Many Homeowners Have Concerns About How Pesticides Might Affect Their Home, Their Pets, and Their Family.

At Pete’s Termite and Pest Control, Inc the welfare of the people you care about is our concern, too. We understand that chemical treatments are not the preferred option for everyone. We also care about our environment. That is why we offer several chemical-free solutions to your pest problem.

Organic Pest Control

We understand that green, environment-friendly pest control is essential for homeowners. We specifically target areas, only applying the amount of product where it’s necessary.

The best tools for eco-friendly pest control is prevention and proactivity. Controlling the severity infestations starts with controlling their food and shelter. When we do our first inspection, we can show you ways to eliminate the food-sources and shelter areas. Once those are gone, the infestation will naturally become less severe. We come back in to bring the final punch.

Our organic pest management products cut back on the number of pesticides used but still control the insect problems.

Pest Control Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a newer way of eliminating all types of insects and bed bugs. This chemical-free solution reaches all areas of the infested materials without causing damage. Only one treatment is required to solve the problem with minimum disruption.

Because this treatment does not require chemicals, it is safe to use in rooms with intimate materials, like pillows, clothing, furniture, and mattresses. After treatment, these items can immediately be used afterward, with no worries about residual chemicals. Once the treatment is over, the entire family, including pets, can resume use of the room.

A single treatment is enough to kill all stages of an insect’s life cycle, from egg to adult.

Because heat affects all areas of the home, it is effective against bugs hiding in the most difficult to reach spaces, like the crevices of couches. Traditional chemicals cannot penetrate as deeply as heat treatments can.

You do not have all the time in the world, and we understand that. The heat treatment is an excellent option because it requires minimal disruption to your home. It can be quickly set up within a customer’s premises. Once complete, your family can return without wait periods as some treatments require.

Baiting Systems

There are a lot of available treatments for pests, and different factors, like the structure of your residential or commercial property or the location of the nest of the termites, can determine the best plan of attack.

One possible, non-invasive treatment is baiting. It uses minimal amounts of chemical substances to effectively control termite populations. Baiting systems combine substances that act as food for termites, but actually are toxic to them. They are slow-acting but lethal. The slow acting component allows ample time for the termite to share the poisonous substance with the entire colony-destroying the infestation.

We Take Our Commitment to Protect You and Your Family Very Seriously.

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