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Insect Control


Mosquitos are more present in the summer, and apart from their itchy bites, they can present more danger with the diseases they carry.

To stop mosquitos, we do a number of things, which includes prevention on your part. First, you’ll need to eliminate their breeding ground. Change standing water at least once a week–this includes bird baths, spas, pools, and ponds. Install screen windows and doors so you won’t let mosquitos in accidentally.

If the mosquitos still keep coming, we have methods to eliminate the problem.


Fleas are tiny blood-sucking insects. One female flea can lay about 18 eggs a day, when it comes to fleas when there’s one, there’s many. If you suspect your home is infested with Fleas, controlling the issue involves multiple parts.

– First, you’ll need to prepare for exterminator treatment by cleaning the house. Vacuum the floors and furniture if possible.

– Next, treat the pets that are bringing fleas into the house.

– Third, call Pete’s Termite and Pest Control to treat the inside premises. Finally, we can treat the outside of the house to prevent future infestation.


Earwigs can be found in any location, but you might have a hard time spotting one. They move quickly, and they are nocturnal. They like decaying wood and plant material. They are often found in basements.

We can eliminate these critters using the same products used for numerous other bugs.


The myth remains that cockroaches are indestructible. This isn’t true. We partner with you to eliminate them from your home. First, we suggest a thorough cleaning to remove crumbs and water, which feeds the little bugs.

Wipe down surfaces with warm, soapy water. Keep all food, including pet food, in tightly sealed containers. Purchase trash cans with tight-fighting lids. Cockroaches like dark and humid places, so consider calling a plumber to check for leaking pipes.

Once you’ve done your part to make it hard for roaches to find food and shelter, we’ll come in to take care of the rest.


Have no fear! Pete’s Termite and Pest Control Inc is ready to take on those eight-legged squatters. While they scare most people, spiders are unlikely to bite unless they are afraid–yup, spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them! They won’t seek out to bite you, so if you see one or two and then it disappears, it’s probably noticed you and ran away. Still, we are here to ease your fears.

Give us a call to inspect the property. The arrival of spiders might indicate another pest problem since spiders feed on other insects, so we will always inspect the home for additional pest problems.

We Take Our Commitment to Protect You and Your Family Very Seriously.

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