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Pre Construction Termite Treatments

Preventing termite infestation begins from the foundation up. Literally. We can come meet with construction teams before the home or office is built to reduce the risk of unwelcomed pest overhauls.

Builders Can Follow Specific Guidelines Before Construction Begins To Help Reduce The Conditions That Encourage And Lead To Pest Infestations:

  • Use concrete bases to support wood to limit wood-to-soil contact.
  • If a concrete base is not possible, use termite-resistant wood or pressure treated timber to keep termites from being attracted to your home.
  • Keep wood in crawl spaces at least 18 inches above ground to avoid contact with soil.
  • Do not bury cellulose materials at the building site, including under porches.

Pest Prevention isn’t limited to just termites. It is important that pre-construction involves a proactive approach to keeping pests out.

Stainless steel mesh barriers also work to keep rodents, birds, and other insects out of the home. To detect other methods of control, Pete’s Pest Control can look at the plans for construction or come down to a construction site to identify places, holes, or weak spots where rodents and other pests might be able to invade. From there, we can make suggestions to keep them out or implement different control methods.

Different terrains bring about different types of termites. For areas where subterranean damage is common, builders can utilize prevention and control methods. The following techniques are especially helpful:


Use termiticide to treat the layer of soil beneath the home

Install a particle barrier to help reduce access

Sand or basaltic rock are effective at preventing termites and other bugs from invading from the soil.

Stainless steel mesh barriers or termite shields can be used around the foundation and utility openings to help block entry points

Termite bait installed under the home will kill the infestation before it begins

Monitoring systems can be used to check for activity to alert the homeowners to the presence of pests before the infestation becomes overrun

We Take Our Commitment to Protect You and Your Family Very Seriously.

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And preventing termite infestation begins from the foundation up. Literally.