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Rodent Removal

Have You Heard The Unwanted Pitter-Patter of Little Feet in Your Ceiling at Night?

The most common rodents found in homes are roof rats and field mice. Besides the general fear they instill when they rear their ugly heads, rodents are known vectors of disease, carry parasites, and can contaminate food. Rodents can also cause home fires because of their constant gnawing on electrical wiring.

Are You Living With Rats?

There are signs that you might have rats living amongst you. Sometimes, they’ll come out, or you’ll see them if you go into a dark room and turn the light on. However, chances are, you won’t actually see them at all. You can tell you have a problem if you hear them scampering on your roof, and you might find their droppings or nests hiding under furniture or in closets.

If you suspect you have rats, call Pete’s Termite and Pest Control as soon as possible. Rats can multiply quickly, and the problem is easier to control if it is caught early on, rather than after they have had a few dozen litters.

It is possible to kill a rat using traps or poisons, but you will only eliminate one rat. Most likely, if you have noticed one rat, then there are enough of them that they have already started having litters. We do not recommend trying to eliminate the problem yourself because it is time-consuming and costly.

Successful long-term rat control is not just about getting rid of the rats in your home. We also take measures to ensure that rats cannot get into your home again. Rats might look big, but they can squeeze through any hole that is the size of a quarter or larger. When we come to inspect your house for rats, we will also check for their points of entry. Together, we can prevent further infestation.

Mice… Small. Cute. But Still A Pest.

Similarly to rats, mice can be hazardous because of their gnawing, and their droppings and urine can cause health hazards. They can also contaminate food. More worrisome, however, is that mice reproduce even more quickly than rats do.

Mice are so small that they can easily gain entry into your property. Any hole that is the size of a dime is plenty of space for a mouse to sneak right in. Mice are most likely to enter a home during fall when temperatures start dropping.

Controlling a mouse problem starts with sanitizing the entire house to eliminate their food supply. Then we will go through the home to fix any potential entryways for the mouse to prevent more from entering your property. From there, we will deal with the already existent population.

We Take Our Commitment to Protect You and Your Family Very Seriously.

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