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Termite & Pest Control FAQ’s

Got bug questions? We have the bug answers.
“Why should I hire a professional rather than use at-home methods? “

At-home methods can become costly, and don’t always eliminate the problem. You want to treat your pest problems at the source, and most over-the-counter options only put a band-aid on the issue by killing the visible pests. Most infestations are caused by a colony that hides in the walls, under carpets and floorboards, and in crawl spaces under the house. Their habitats cannot be easily found, and if the source isn’t treated, the problem won’t go away. You will just be throwing money away without eliminating the problem. Specific at-home treatments can also be hazardous for pets, children, and adults if misused.

“What products do you use and are they toxic?”

All the products we use are the lowest level of toxicity available for chemical pesticide treatments. We work hard to expose only pests to these chemicals by following careful directions from the chemical’s manufacturer, as well as following all the rules and regulations dictated by our Pest Control Certifications. We follow proper safety precautions to protect our professional and your family.

“Are there any environment-friendly pest control options?

Absolutely! We offer low-chemical to chemical-free pest solutions for customers to choose from, depending on the pest and the infestation severity.

“What should I do before my Pest Control treatment?”

To make the most of our services, make sure to have the house is clean to help reduce the food sources available to bugs. Wash surfaces with warm, soapy water, and sweep and mop hard floors, and vacuum carpets.

Depending on the type of service and severity of the infestation, you may need to remove certain items, like pet food and water dishes, children’s toys. You might also need to make arrangements for household pets, depending on the severity of the infestation.

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